Jennys Beauty Supply - Do not purchase electrical items from Jenny's Beauty Supply! Junk!

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Jenny should be ashamed. You sell garbage to the African American community and you give nothing back! In mid-February 2013 I purchased a Gold N Hot Hooded Bonnet Hair Dryer from Jenny's Beauty Supply Superstore on Gannon Ln in Dallas, TX. The dryer felt light and flimsy once I got it home and out of the box but it worked. On Sunday April 7, 2013, I turned on the dryer for about 10 mins to heat up before using it and all of a sudden the dryer just dies. On i I immediately called the Jenny's Beauty Supply on Meadowbrook in Fort Worth, TX, which was closer to my home and explained to them what happened. I still had my original receipt so I took the dryer to the Meadowbrook location and exchanged it. Around May 5, 2013, I attempt to use the replacement dryer and nothing happens when I turn it on. I immediately go online and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and 22 days later this is the email that I received from the BBB:

"Complaint ID#: 91251956

Business Name: Jenny Beauty Supply Super Center

The Better Business Bureau has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that the company has not responded within the normal 22 day timeframe and accordingly we are closing the complaint as Unanswered.

The Better Business Bureau develops and maintains Reliability Report ratings on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify the BBB immediately.


Lee Stallings

Director of Complaint Resolution Department

Jenny's sells electrical items that are pure JUNK and they give you a very hard time when trying to get a refund. STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE BUT ESPECIALLY FOR ELECTRICAL ITEMS.

Review about: Gold N Hot Hooded Bonnet Hair Dryer.


Fort Worth, Texas, United States #992318

Well don't buy "junk" brands.Gold N Hot is not a good brand at all.

We have several customers return items of that brand, I work at a Sally.I suggest to get something else.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #882046

Same with mines used it once took it out today nothing blowing cold air junk

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